Who Can Benefit from the Hurry Cane (folding cane) ?

November 20, 2013

Hurry Cane Reviews (folding cane reviews)

The Hurry Cane (hurrycane) is a walking stick or cane that assists people with disabilities. It is different from ordinary canes or walking sticks since it has several features that will make ambulation more efficient in every type of terrain. Foremost it is made of durable and high quality material that will resist 40% more pressure compared to ordinary canes. It is also lighter compared to regular walking sticks to make it easier to take anywhere. Finally, it has several features that make it better than other canes. It has a three-point contact to the floor to increase stability and reduce slips and slides. It has a pivoting head (an ankle which is a section in between the foot and the stick) which allows more freedom of movement. It is also adjustable into 4 different heights which make it ideal for all patients and for men and women alike. the hurrycane is available in online for less than $40 and with its Freedom Edition, buyers will get free gifts with their purchase along with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So who benefits from the Hurry Cane?

People with spinal injuries

People born with cerebral palsy and those suffering from spinal bifida may have a hard time moving let alone walking and doing simple tasks. Having a cane that will support the user in different positions will help people with spinal injuries reduce strain on the spine and prevent further injuries and pains. The spine is very important in posture, positioning and even simply lifting or moving about; having these illnesses could be very frustrating especially to people who are used with moving freely on their own.

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People with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

Arthritis could lead to frustration and decreased self-confidence especially when handling objects, steadying the body in different movements and in moving about. The Hurry Cane has a special contoured or palm-shaped handle that allows the user to grip the cane effectively. The non-slip foot will also provide grip in any kind of surface to provide safety.

People undergoing rehabilitation or therapy

Rehabilitation is a painstaking process for patients who have met an accident or any debilitating illness. With the Hurry Cane, the patient will have a sturdy device to hold on to as he does different activities and will definitely improve the way he stands and moves about. And it is not just performing different rehabilitative exercises and activities that the Hurry Cane is helpful but will also provide a safe device to hang on to as the patient comes home or does his everyday activities.

Senior folks

Senior citizens often suffer from different kinds of illnesses that reduce the strength of the muscles, joints and bones. Conditions like osteoporosis reduce the strength of bone and make it brittle and weak. With the use of a walking stick like the Hurry Cane, an old person will be able to walk, move and to do his every day activities safely and securely. The Hurry Cane is lightweight and could collapse into a small device that will fit in a bag or in a glove compartment perfect for senior citizens to carry anywhere.

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Why is the HurryCane Called the Hurricane?

November 20, 2013


The HurryCane is a new and exciting innovation in mobility devices. It is a cane or a walking stick that is designed to help people with limited mobility in almost everything that they usually do. When you suffer from an illness or a condition that restricts your movement, the usual course of action is to rely on a cane for support but the HurryCane is different. It moves like a hurricane as it pivots 360 degrees to provide the widest form of movement.

The cane that will conform to your movements and not vice versa

Sure ordinary canes are perfect to support a person as he walks but what about getting out the car or simply getting up from a chair? Ordinary walking sticks will never provide the flexibility that the Hurry Cane can provide. It has a stable foot that has three points of contact with the floor plus it has the ability to bend in three separate points of the cane! It is like having another foot with an ankle and a knee to help support you in all your movements.

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A cane with a knee?

The knee is a part in between the foot and the handle and this bends easily so that the user may easily move about from a sitting to a standing position as well as move an incline or up a flight of stairs. The knee also allows the Hurry Cane to bend into different sections so you can keep it away. Imagine a tall cane that can fold up to one third of its normal size. You can place this in a bag, in the glove compartment and under your seat.

Different heights are not a problem

No two people are alike and of course people have different heights so it is a must to have an adjustable cane to be comfortable. With just a simple push of a button, you can adjust this into different heights ranging from 30 ½” to 37 ½ “.

The only cane with an ankle

Here comes the hurricane part in the HurryCane. The ankle, which is a section between the foot and the knee, is able to pivot like a hurricane to provide flexibility as the patient runs, walks and even moves up and down an incline. This feature makes the HurryCane a better choice especially when you are walking on an irregular terrain. Trust that this cane will conform to your movement and not the other way around.

Folds away and sets up in seconds

You can take the Hurry Cane anywhere you want to go since it can easily fold away and set up in just a few seconds. Seniors and people with disabilities will love to use it anywhere they want to go and in any place or any surface since it is highly versatile. Its lightweight design and sturdy material also makes it a number one choice for people with arthritis, spinal injuries and with physical disabilities.




What to Look for in a Walking Stick?

November 20, 2013

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People with disabilities and those with limited movement due to an illness, as a result of an accident or a birth defect need a stable walking stick to assist in movement. A cane or a stick helps a person in so many ways: it can assist in getting up, in straightening his position as he starts to walk, as a leverage to correct gait and to move in difficult surfaces like irregular terrain, up and down the stairs and in walking in an incline. With all these in mind, there is a need to use a stable and reliable walking stick. But what are the things to look for when selecting the ideal cane or walking stick?

The type of material

You should invest in quality material that will withstand pressure, moisture and is durable. The most common material you will find is wood but canes may be made out of aluminium, acrylic and Lucite. Bamboo is a very reliable and durable material that is often used in mild injuries and for light walking but is non-flexible and may not be appealing to all ages. Acrylic canes on the other hand are clear, strong and durable; these look like glass but could withstand the pressure of being used over long periods of time. Aluminium cranes are very sturdy and are lighter than any other materials making it one of the best choices in walking stick materials.

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The handle of the cane

There are different types of cane handles: Derby, Fritz, Ball, Crook, Palm and Ornamental are just some of the most common. The ideal handle is a Fritz handle which improves the grip of people with arthritis while other cane handles like the Ball are just for ornamental purposes. Palm handles are so-called since it has grooves where the palm and the fingers may rest and grip when the stick is in use. This design improves weight distribution and will totally reduce hand pain.

According to the type of canes

There are several kinds of canes but these may be narrowed down into designer or fashion canes and for therapeutic purposes. If you need a walking stick to assist you in ambulation post-surgery, in recovering from an accident and for any medical condition that restricts movement, the best alternative is a therapeutic cane.

Possibly the most efficiently designed walking stick is the Hurry Cane. This is a cane that is specially designed to conform and not vice versa. It is highly versatile from the handle to the foot of the cane. The foot is designed to never slip no matter what surface you are on. The “ankle” pivots to allow better flexibility. The HurryCane is able to adjust in 4 different heights and has a durable, ergonomic and comfortable grip. It also folds into a small package that you may easily hide in your bag or purse. Thus, if you are looking for the ideal walking cane, hurry and check out HurryCane today.

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