Why is the HurryCane Called the Hurricane?

November 20, 2013


The HurryCane is a new and exciting innovation in mobility devices. It is a cane or a walking stick that is designed to help people with limited mobility in almost everything that they usually do. When you suffer from an illness or a condition that restricts your movement, the usual course of action is to rely on a cane for support but the HurryCane is different. It moves like a hurricane as it pivots 360 degrees to provide the widest form of movement.

The cane that will conform to your movements and not vice versa

Sure ordinary canes are perfect to support a person as he walks but what about getting out the car or simply getting up from a chair? Ordinary walking sticks will never provide the flexibility that the Hurry Cane can provide. It has a stable foot that has three points of contact with the floor plus it has the ability to bend in three separate points of the cane! It is like having another foot with an ankle and a knee to help support you in all your movements.

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A cane with a knee?

The knee is a part in between the foot and the handle and this bends easily so that the user may easily move about from a sitting to a standing position as well as move an incline or up a flight of stairs. The knee also allows the Hurry Cane to bend into different sections so you can keep it away. Imagine a tall cane that can fold up to one third of its normal size. You can place this in a bag, in the glove compartment and under your seat.

Different heights are not a problem

No two people are alike and of course people have different heights so it is a must to have an adjustable cane to be comfortable. With just a simple push of a button, you can adjust this into different heights ranging from 30 ½” to 37 ½ “.

The only cane with an ankle

Here comes the hurricane part in the HurryCane. The ankle, which is a section between the foot and the knee, is able to pivot like a hurricane to provide flexibility as the patient runs, walks and even moves up and down an incline. This feature makes the HurryCane a better choice especially when you are walking on an irregular terrain. Trust that this cane will conform to your movement and not the other way around.

Folds away and sets up in seconds

You can take the Hurry Cane anywhere you want to go since it can easily fold away and set up in just a few seconds. Seniors and people with disabilities will love to use it anywhere they want to go and in any place or any surface since it is highly versatile. Its lightweight design and sturdy material also makes it a number one choice for people with arthritis, spinal injuries and with physical disabilities.


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